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  1. chriskrass


    Thats our new Family Member Mogli ,he is a stray Dog from Spain.
  2. chriskrass

    Bf4 Probs !!!

    Hola and Moin friends, after loooooooong time i join yesterday Bf4 Nuthouse and play a funny round,next map was the "new" Community Map system tell me install to join game ; I DO,but after download and install i canot start Bf4 ;( always directx error; Directx function "Find Closest Matching...
  3. chriskrass

    Snow Creations

    a lot of funny snow creations in da web. show us your favorites,here is my fav:
  4. chriskrass

    Funny Toys

    i like the TARZAN ACTIONFIGURE great similarity with me !
  5. chriskrass

    Far Cry Primal

    Hello Ladys Boys and Ladyboys. How you think about the new Far Cry Game,yes some peculiarly features likes Bombs in Primal time but for me as a Big Far Cry Fan very pretty Idea !
  6. chriskrass

    War Thunder

    hey cocos anyone of you play WAR THUNDER ? for a free to play game,very pretty . take a look:
  7. chriskrass

    Star wars battlefront 3

    For all like minded here is the new star wars game ,looks pretty nice =for me= hope my AMIGA 500 will run this game ;) what you think about it,maybe some of you buy this game ?
  8. chriskrass


    Hey cocoboys,anyone need a funparty on bf3 bestmaps server this or next saturday ?
  9. chriskrass

    Far Cry 4

    What do you think about the new FarCry 4 ? I love this series.
  10. chriskrass


    Hey cocs,has anyone seen Mr.Shunt in recent time ?
  11. chriskrass

    Bf3 servers

    Hey cocoboys, i notice there are only a few bf3 endgame servers with the conquest large mode running,maybe we can change one of our servers with endgame and armoredkill maps ( conquest large mode ). what do ya think ???
  12. chriskrass

    skript error

    can someone tell how i fix a Skript error on this Website.sorry can`t post a screenshot from that shit maybe the error blocked it,thx
  13. chriskrass


    Hey cocoboys what about next match bf3 allfannys hm sorry Allstars against bf2 heroes ,think its time ?
  14. chriskrass

    Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

    some pics from the Museum :) jpg.gif CAM00257.jpg (90,9 KB) jpg.gif CAM00260.jpg (90,7 KB) jpg.gif CAM00265.jpg (91,7 KB) jpg.gif CAM00269.jpg (90,1 KB) jpg.gif CAM00297.jpg (83,0 KB) jpg.gif CAM00299.jpg (88,0 KB) jpg.gif CAM00309.jpg (89,5 KB) jpg.gif CAM00305.jpg...
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    thats a very funny comedian from the USA :
  16. chriskrass


    Why the Scots look Porn-Movies backwards,they love the Moment when the prostitute gives the Money back :)
  17. chriskrass

    Technik Museum Sinsheim

    some pics :) jpg.gif sinsheim 2.jpg (96,4 KB) jpg.gif sinsheim 3.jpg (93,9 KB) jpg.gif sinsheim 4.jpg (93,4 KB) jpg.gif sinsheim 5.jpg (90,2 KB) jpg.gif sinsheim 6.jpg (79,4 KB) jpg.gif sinsheim 7.jpg (78,7 KB)
  18. chriskrass

    Bf2 allstars "part1"
  19. chriskrass

    Magical Places

    Hey Cocos, a Topic about Magical Places,thats my one : Havasu Waterfall Grand Canyon Arizona,if i had Internet acces here would be my Dream Place :) Show us your Magical Place.
  20. chriskrass

    Hidden Camera

    Thats the Brazilian Version of hidden Camera,ffs tooo much.