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    Don't tell her that...
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    Funny Video Section

    German efficiency 🤣
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    Dont they need more than one doses then?
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    Lonely bike ride
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    Black pepper Tea/syrup thingie

    I ll start on the lemons home growing first...
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    What happened so far

    Great to hear your surgery was successful. Get well soon! (a bigger font so you can read this well...)
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    My Art of Co(o)(c)king

    Good luck on loosing 28kg! I would be glad if i lost a 'simple' 20 kg.
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    luckely not: spring on the rocks & seals in the air imagine those "shitting" down on humans...
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    I had the same view today! Strange world... Cutting old branches... Clearing patio...
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    That guy gets everywhere!

    They took bernie as a driver. 🤣
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    Look what i found on Youtube

    Body was perhaps multi usable... As a train, as a submarine, as a postal bus, ...
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    Blossoms (on a branch - inhouse)
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    Ice cube for his "very long drink"
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    Little walk this early morning
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