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  1. parafant

    Battlefield 4 Wiki, all maps tips

    You fly like a asian monk... You drive like a asian monk... And you move like a dead sheep... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  2. parafant

    Todays View

    And now he is melting... :ROFLMAO:
  3. parafant

    Todays View

    Did I tell you about my air conditioning? btw ... put on a pullover, it's a bit cool. 🤪
  4. parafant

    special sunday on our server

    Procrastination... 🤪
  5. parafant

    Server Issues

    As many ask about the EA server problems...
  6. parafant

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

    I think there are better places for a coming out then a chat on a bf server. 🤪
  7. parafant

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

  8. parafant

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

    Only jew. Its often used for insult others.
  9. parafant

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

    Ban lifted. All fine. But better stop helping the Nanny, she will get pissed. :D
  10. parafant

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

    If you can't write anything nice, just don't write anything. 🤷‍♂️
  11. parafant

    [BF4] I'm here to help my friend

    Can he join any other servers?
  12. parafant

    Phantom bow program special event

    you only say that because i have a big cock. :confused:
  13. parafant

    Phantom bow program special event

    I have a big cock, i don´t need any assignements. 🤪
  14. parafant

    Phantom bow program special event

    The easy way...
  15. parafant

    [BF4] can you please unban me on your bf4 server?

    Racism is a Joke for you? :unsure:
  16. parafant

    Your Gaming Spot. Show Us Where You Play.

    Call of Duty ;)
  17. parafant

    Todays View

    He won´t do that again!
  18. parafant

    Funny signs

    Tryed them. Doesn´t work. 0 of 10 Points! 🤪
  19. parafant

    joining the NRU

    Och nööööö... Und auch noch n Westerwälder... :rolleyes: 🤪