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  1. Teofild

    Looking after yourself

    I did the same lol
  2. Teofild

    Joining NRU

    We the NRU are the best T-baggers in the word, just saying :mooning:
  3. Teofild

    Someone Actually Made That!

    Halleluja omg. :)
  4. Teofild

    Snow :X3:

    Snow :X3:
  5. Teofild

    Stupid but really well done!

    Waiting for round 2 :)
  6. Teofild

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry X-mas to you all :) Yes this year has had it´s ups and downs and I guess we dont have all the answers yet, looking forward to a new better year 2020 for all of us. best Wishes to all of you NRU friends :)
  7. Teofild

    Todays View

    You havve even got the wheels dirty ! amazing :)
  8. Teofild

    Todays View

    my sympathies Glen :) it´s very frustrating . have had the same with my mom before she past away.
  9. Teofild

    Funny signs

    our hero the rocket man rides again ;)
  10. Teofild

    Todays View

    Wife acceptance factor . :)
  11. Teofild

    Official result of my Job Hunt xD

    Best o luck (y):giggle:
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  13. Teofild

    Todays View

    omg. Glen my friend I dont envy you , hope you get help from quick and skilled craftsmen to fix it.
  14. Teofild

    Horseradish Vodka

    You drink it as snaps , just say prost and swallow , :)
  15. Teofild

    Something I Found On You Tube

    And they are going to take over after us, :ROFLMAO::sick:o_O
  16. Teofild

    Latest Trip To Norway

    Some pics from Hardangervidda national park
  17. Teofild

    Hi All

    Hello Ben Welcome and enjoy :)
  18. Teofild


    Long time no see. Nice :)
  19. Teofild

    Yes I can hear you !! can you see me ?

    Yes I can hear you !! can you see me ?
  20. Teofild

    Unexpected Visit At The Birdfeeder

    I am only 4 meters away and inside the kitchen window. The worst thing about deer is that they eat the flowers and plants I grow in the garden. So feeding them is not an option for me.