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  1. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    joining the NRU

    Congrats, Thomas, you did it! Welcome to the NRU family. :)
  2. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Carrot and coriander soup.

    Please don't worry, the first photo was really good enough. The second one, however, is perfect. Thanks a lot, Glen. :)
  3. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Carrot and coriander soup.

    Thank you very much for the delicious recipe, Glen, I will give it a try. 👍
  4. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Joining NRU

    Congratulations, you did it! :happy:
  5. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Joining NRU

    Hoşgeldiniz Osman, welcome to NRU. :) I wish you the best of luck with your application.
  6. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Looking after yourself

    Thank you very much indeed, Glen. Your gracious and encouraging words brighten up my day. Please take good care of yourself - every single one of you.
  7. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Frankly, this year hasn’t been so good to many of us so far. As for me, I have seen family members, friends and colleagues going through very hard times because of a long-lasting illness, loss of a job, loss of a marriage, financial problems, depression and another very serious disease. Some of...
  8. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Goats cheese and mushroom ravioli

    Glen, you are able to make a meal that looks as good as it tastes. (y) Thank you for the recipe.
  9. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Official result of my Job Hunt xD

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and wish you all the best! 👍
  10. Lady_Musketeer_GER


    A really lovely new family member!
  11. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Project Kitchen

    Good job, Glen!
  12. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    My New Passport Photo

    That's really not bad, Glen.
  13. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Cheese Pudding

    I'm highly interested in recipes from the past, so thank you very much for sharing, Glen. :)
  14. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Still going strong!

    Hello Dark, long time no see. Welcome back :)
  15. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Happy New Year 2019

    New Year's Eve can be a shaky time for those of us who aren't yet comfortable with the ground they're standing on, as they are going through more than most of us can even imagine. Some people will tell us to make our new year "a blast of fun and cheer". That's not what I would like to opt for...
  16. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Merry Christmas To You All

    Thank you, Mr Bond. :)
  17. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Christmas food porm

    Glen, that looks delicious. (y)
  18. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    Merry Christmas To You All

    Hello there, long time no see. It's nice to hear from you again. Merry Christmas to you, too, Grzegorz. :)
  19. Lady_Musketeer_GER

    O holy night - not

    Our poet laureate is back. :giggle: