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  1. General_Misery

    BF2 login problem - help needed

    Reinstalled BF2 from disc and all went fine including patching but at login to my account I just get a default player ie vanilla weapons etc. Anyone have a solution? Tried to google on the topic to no avail...:cry: Thanks.
  2. General_Misery


    Anyone interested in showing (off) their pets? Here are our pets: William - the grey cat, British shorthair Lily - the white cat, Ragdoll Elsa - Griffon petit brabancon
  3. General_Misery

    New car

    As I will retire in September or so, I will part with my company car - the lovely but expensive Volvo XC60 T8. Was thinking of getting a VW ID i.e. the new electric car but decided to wait going electric as 1) reluctant to buy the first version and 2) delivery too late vs. need for new car and...
  4. General_Misery

    BFBC2 revisited

    As you know I’m not very fond of BF1 nor BFV and sure, BF4 ist still fun and also BF3 but I’ve tried BFBC2 lately as a ”test”. Well, the soldier movement is a bit clunky and some features of later games are missing but still, it brings back the joy of BF that the latter games are missing. I...
  5. General_Misery

    O holy night - not

    O Holy Night – version 2 To get you started: O violent Night! The tracer bullets are brightly shining It is the night of the loathed camper’s death! Long lay the clan in ball-scratching wrath pining Till he was located and the C4 felt its worth. The thrill of his demise the weary soul...
  6. General_Misery

    Sing Along With Frank

    My Way by Frank Sinatra - alternative take And now, my death is near And so I face the final humiliation My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, C4 up the groin means castration I've lived a life that's very short I fought each day since BF2's heyday And more, much more than this, I...
  7. General_Misery

    Excellent Internet Repair Tool - And It's Free

    This tool fixed my connection problems after having - to no avail - tried the "usual tricks": Download the new Complete Internet Repair now (y):)
  8. General_Misery

    A Small Bf Poem...

    Had to get it out of my system :LOL: Every other year or so BF comes in a new shiny version trying to cater for each player’s special combat perversion. I believe however that in the latest one they have somehow lost the magic and turned out to be just an expression of EA’s cash...
  9. General_Misery

    Headphone Tip

    I have been searching for a wired closed headphone with (at least close to) HiFi sound and some oomph in the bass department (without becoming too overwhelming) and have tried/bought various headphones from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and such. Most were close enough and have been ok but not "it"...
  10. General_Misery

    Those Were The Bf2 Days

    Once upon a time there was a battle Where we used to shoot a bullet or two Remember how we laughed away the hours And dreamed of all the t-bags we could do Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end We'd died and spawned forever and a day We'd kill the foes we choose We'd...
  11. General_Misery

    Summer - Moments Of Joy

    So, just a thread on whatever is enjoyable in summer; small or big... Some moments I've hade recently: Sitting in comfy garden chair reading interesting book, blackbird singing and roses smelling like perfume. Fetching the newspaper in the morning in shorts and t-shirt, pale sun in the...
  12. General_Misery

    Bf1 - Which Version Is "best"?

    Hello people, I may decide to take the plunge and buy BF1 despite all problems, perhaps taking advantage of the Black Friday sale but I'm not sure about which version to buy and if my rig is sufficient. Question 1: I would prefer to get all maps but I don't care about early access to maps...
  13. General_Misery

    A Dog In Da House

    Meet Elsa - 9 weeks old, a proud Griffon petit brabancon and a real darling: Our two cats were not delighted btw... ;)
  14. General_Misery

    Euro 2016 - Predictions?

    So, who do you think will be the champions? As always, it is tricky but I think these four in the semi-finals: France, Germany, England and Belgium. Italy and Spain - dunno... And the champions: France. As for Sweden, they won't make it from their group :(
  15. General_Misery

    Battlefield 5 - First Impressions

    So, BF5 will be revealed tonight so let's have some comments - hit or shit? Or maybe meh? Edit: game to be called BF1?
  16. General_Misery

    Gta V Mods - How?

    So, I've watched a tutorial and installed the needed files including "Simple trainer" but then what? If I try the Online mode the game crashes and in story mode, well, you have to follow the script of the story so how do I play and have fun being God and cause general mayhem like in this vid...
  17. General_Misery

    Free up space

    So you're not using hibernation on your pc? C-disk filling up with all sorts of stuff? Then do this to free up significant space: Go to command i.e. the DOS-module (Click Start. Type cmd and press enter) and then enter this: powercfg -h off I got 11 GB by doing this :) PS Adjusting the paging...
  18. General_Misery

    Greece holiday

    So, some pictures from our week in Greece (after in-depth examination of strict censor board i.e. Mrs Luxury-Yacht):
  19. General_Misery

    New Battlefield versions planned

    Inspired by the enormous BF Hardline success the folks at EA/Dice are now busy with the following new versions to be added to the BF franchise: * BF Opera: as standard BF but soldiers who get shot don't die instantly, they sing a dramatic aria wobbling for five minutes before they die. * BF...