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  1. FortunaMagica

    Fun Night Weekend? 30 - 31st January

    So Fannies i was wondering if your game about some fun night on bf4 we should play Classic style bf2/3 maps and then enable tk and all the shit :-P i personally dont have time till the 30/31 st but im definantly game there if you Fannies are XD
  2. FortunaMagica

    Good old Denmark

    Yoo fannys Tha Fortuna is on a hike through Denmark and this is some of the places ive seen on this little trip (will update as I go along) :-) first are from the old railway bridge in træden forest
  3. FortunaMagica

    admin commands on bf4

    hey mates :-) i dont know if im admin on the NRU nuthouse server yet, but if i am ild like to know some of the commands so i can do my duty when noone else is around, anyone care to share what they are and any heeds wanna check if i am admin yet XD
  4. FortunaMagica

    What warms your head?

    Ya fannys Tha Fortuna got himself a new hat in Tha Fortunas own colors 100 % cotton, nice and warming and so I got to thinking, what warms your head when my meatballs don't do it for ya? ;-)
  5. FortunaMagica

    how to handle excessive air whores

    Ya so ive been playing bf4 for a while now and i must say im disappointed. the air whores are the same stupid fucking fucktards that keeps getting reps and Theres no fucking way to take those fucking fucks out. if anyone have any Bug i can use to fuck up these fucking air whores ild Sure as...
  6. FortunaMagica

    do you have art at home

    Well me and Mr.scatha was talking about art today and we ended up talking about what art we like. Now since I couldn't figure out how to post them to mail from the cellphone I decided to post them here X-D so why don't we make a post out of it and show each other what we have at home. Without...
  7. FortunaMagica

    Tha Fortuna's return from vacation cocos

    Eyyy cocos guess who came back today ;-) was an fing awsome vacation so heres a couple of pics for ya cocks, care to guess what the cake looks like ;-) XD :-P enjoy XD
  8. FortunaMagica

    New Game ? buy now !!! its on special offer on steam!!! XD

    so fing ingenius XD lol
  9. FortunaMagica

    new Iphone? how about a new watch XD

    Ey peeps so i got this in birthday present XD turns out its a watch just as expensive as an Iphone :-) on a personal note ild rather have an awsome new pocket watch for my work :-P than a smart new Iphone :-p (call me old-fashioned XD) personally im Superjoyed with my new watch :-D XD
  10. FortunaMagica

    tha fortunas back from vacation cocos

    eyyy just wanted to let you all know that ive returned from a vacation to the western sea with freshly cleaned balls waiting to greet you doing the fun night one of the upcoming days XD i hope yalls good and that ill cya on the battlefield :-3 Regards: Tha FORTUNAAAA!!! XD
  11. FortunaMagica

    New hardware for late night gaming

    heres my new hardware for the latenight gaming times :-P fooled ya didnt i ? XD made some personal adjustments so it fittet me better :-P
  12. FortunaMagica

    time for some softcore, heres natures own art!

    figured with all the cars and engines thats been uploaded to our homepage i think its time to throw up something different, enjoy or hate it, thats up to you :-P (personally i enjoy these pics very much :-) )
  13. FortunaMagica

    The storm that hit denmark, and the UK

    I dont know how it went for you guys but we had a close call at my mothers house, several actually X_X
  14. FortunaMagica

    Battlefield favorite soundtrack!

    So i figured ild post this guys since BF4 just came out the other day, so this up for a vote, wich soundtrack of the many versions of battlefield soundtracks that has come over the years are your favorite ?
  15. FortunaMagica

    my home

    well there isnt as many pretty mountains and that kind of stuff here in denmark, as denmark is quite flat :-P but it has its own serene grace take a look at the pictures from around my home and judge for yourself :- ) i focused a lot on making the pictures express just how beautiful my home...
  16. FortunaMagica

    Christmas signs ?

    X_X damn christmas has returned to denmark yet again!! this time even earlier than last year, look at what we snagged on the 30th of september
  17. FortunaMagica

    tha fortunas new hair

    XD well i went to the barber and got fixed up today so now im a short haired coco like the rest of ya (except steffos) goddamn, i may have less hair, but im as much a tbag fanatic as before so be sure ill keep greeting yall the proper NRU way :-P
  18. FortunaMagica

    requesting membership :-3

    Hey Peeps XD ive been hanging around here so much on the BF2 server ive figured heck its on time i see if i can get to join yall :-) would be awsome XD but must point out i still dont get BF3 :-) Anyways onwards to the application :-) 1. Real Name (first name) , Age and Nationality My...