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  1. Witcheri

    The language nanny

    Way too strict fellas. way too fucking strict. First of all. Since language nanny has no idea of context im telling you right now that all words depicting your sexuality should not be in that list. And of course there are few regular things like "piss off" that i use a lot in context of actually...
  2. Witcheri

    Time To Show Off My Virtual Penis!

    Yeah. Ordered some new parts for my pc.. :D
  3. Witcheri


    Howdy lads and lasses! Anyone here shred? :p happened to get myself a new snowboard today. Burton Ripcord 2018 with Burton infidel straps :) Pic below. If you have skis or snowboards, show off your own ;)
  4. Witcheri

    Destiny 2?

    So... anyone here playing destiny 2? Hit me up on blizzard app if ya wanna play :) Witcheri#2518
  5. Witcheri

    A Finn Wants To Join!

    ahoy lads & lasses! I decided to apply since my own clan (AHMA) is dead. I only kept the tag for reasons of reminding myself of the golden age of battlefield when my friends still played. So let us begin with the application! Who am i? My name is Toni, Also mostly called "The Finn" by my...
  6. Witcheri

    Sup Lads & Lasses!

    Let's get straight to it then... I'm just some random dude from Finland who has been playing on the BF4 server for quite a while now. As of my age, It's enough for you to know that i can actually legally play the bloody game! I mostly play... Well... The problem is that it's hard for me to say...