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  1. General_Misery

    Special Sunday

    Good work! Haven’t played much lately due to a) a lot of chores at home b) extensive work travel and c) get reminded of my neck disc problem whenever I play for more than half an hour :cautious:. Enough of petty excuses, hungry for some fun NRU server combat so will try this coming week ;).
  2. General_Misery

    Funny signs

    Not new but still fun: They’ve changed their name...
  3. General_Misery

    Horseradish Vodka

    You should try this in your vodka for that gentle tingling sensation :cool: :
  4. General_Misery

    Who is with Bf5 now?

    So, played a few rounds and - surprise! - I’m not impressed. Feels like a BF1 mod with even more bewildering and strange options. Do I want to make skin changes for all parts of my gun? Jeez... Was as bad as in BF1 with a kdr of around 0.6 but tried to be a good squad member and still, all other...
  5. General_Misery

    BFV folder locations etc.

    My c-disc (SSD) got almost full so I select another folder i.e I create a new folder on one of the other hard drives I got; works fine albeit with a slower start-up phase. Some of the game files still wind up on c:
  6. General_Misery

    Who is with Bf5 now?

    Bought it as you know at 50% but haven't played yet; will try later during x-mas.
  7. General_Misery

    Merry Christmas To You All

    Thank you Lady M - inspiring and true :). Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. General_Misery

    O holy night - not

    Now you know the real reason why there was no Nobel prize in literature awarded this year ;)
  9. General_Misery

    O holy night - not

    O Holy Night – version 2 To get you started: O violent Night! The tracer bullets are brightly shining It is the night of the loathed camper’s death! Long lay the clan in ball-scratching wrath pining Till he was located and the C4 felt its worth. The thrill of his demise the weary soul...
  10. General_Misery

    Sing Along With Frank

    Thank you my friends :) This may however inspire me to do more of this... poetry :rolleyes:
  11. General_Misery

    Sing Along With Frank

    My Way by Frank Sinatra - alternative take And now, my death is near And so I face the final humiliation My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, C4 up the groin means castration I've lived a life that's very short I fought each day since BF2's heyday And more, much more than this, I...
  12. General_Misery

    First Experience With Bf5

    Not yet. 33% is perhaps a good offer but then again my old 2012 CPU ie intel i52500k is not sufficient :(
  13. General_Misery

    First Experience With Bf5

    Hmmm, the jury is still out on this one but I may buy it later when the price has dropped. Importantly, my PC is part archaic with a i5 2500K CPU @ 3.5 GHz. GPU is a GTX1060 with 3 Gb. So, I wonder if I can run BFV at reasonable speed/fps with say medium settings? Edit: checked this out...
  14. General_Misery

    Travel Tips

    A friend and I took a two month Greyhound bus tour from NYC to California when we were 20. Fascinating to experience the huge differences in people, culture, nature etc. We stopped and visited everything from mega cities to small towns in the middle of nowhere to parks in the desert to Las Vegas...
  15. General_Misery

    Photo Editing Software

    Glen: I bought Luminar but the links to free presets etc in the confirmation email does not work; have not received a reply from their support yet - did yours work?
  16. General_Misery

    Classic Sunday At 21. Okt.

    Wish I could, damn shoulder/arm...:(
  17. General_Misery

    Photo Editing Software

    Many thanks again Glen, will try it (y)
  18. General_Misery

    Photo Editing Software

    Excellent, had a look at Luminar’s website and will def. download and probably buy. May consider Aurora too. Many thanks (y)
  19. General_Misery

    Photo Editing Software

    Thanks, very helpful. Like you, I own older versions of LR and PS but can’t justify the annual subscription fee. I also find some actions quite daunting (and tedious) even with step-by-step instructions. Can you elaborate on the user friendliness of both Aurora and Luminar? Do they support...
  20. General_Misery

    Perceptual Illusions

    Failed on all five (n):LOL: