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  1. Dwibbles

    away for a while

    Hi guys sorry to cut n run during the fun weekend but ive got a family emrrgency to deal with n will be back asap.
  2. Dwibbles

    Resubmission of application

    I would like to ask the oppourtunity to reapply for membership of your clan if i may guys, i realise that before i took the posting to a new level and not everyone apreciated this and have accepted that. However i do feel that my strongest points are the ones not seen on this here forum.I love...
  3. Dwibbles


    Just like to know if anyone tried this game i hear there are many clans on it n before i dive in n download is it worth it guys?
  4. Dwibbles

    an appeal and complaint

    This will be my last yhread or post I can not believe after being amember for over a year and playing your server I have been restrictedbon my posting. I yhought my activity had to increase and clearly some of my yhreads have generated a lot oc interest and fun. So to be told it damages...
  5. Dwibbles

    what was your first gaming machine

    For me it was soectrum xomplete wirh tape deck whhhoooop lol fond memories of games never loading etcd
  6. Dwibbles

    what era were u born in

    Myself im an eighties child n I think the musix rubbed off lol
  7. Dwibbles

    favourite quotes of yhe day

    Heres mine........ Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognised a problem and turned it into an opportunity. ....
  8. Dwibbles


    Is it only me thats worried about n korea? Those guys scare the shit outta me n what potential damage they could cause especially if they get backing from elsewhere. So my question is fo u think they will start ww3? Yes No
  9. Dwibbles

    have u ever

    Whats the strangest food you have ever eatwn? For a chef im quite unadventurous so mine was sheeps bollox lol
  10. Dwibbles

    have u tried.....

    Has anyone played dayz tried it out last night was quite good but a huge drain on the computer lol
  11. Dwibbles

    how about

    Would it be an idea to have a match of nru v regular olayers game on nogly bf2 ? I think this could generate some fun n interest guys?
  12. Dwibbles

    I dont bloody believe it

    Richard wilson what a funny guy...... talking about graves surely it must be may by now lol you guys cant possibly want me spamming the forums for another 19 days before voting yey or nay on me lmsao
  13. Dwibbles

    hows the missus

    Just a quick question id like to ask how many if you have been threatened with divorce over gaming lol
  14. Dwibbles

    My thread c,losed

    Just as the conversation swung toward beer and totally away from my app my thread becomes closed :( how on earth did that happen lol anyone?
  15. Dwibbles

    My belated application :)

    1. Real Name (first name) , Age and Nationality Dwayne 31 British 2. In-game username for all games (BF2, BFBC2, BF3, COD etc). Even if you haven't played for many years or have only played a few times, we need that info! Dwibbles 3. Do you have any previous bans? This can be...