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    The language nanny

    Way too strict fellas. way too fucking strict. First of all. Since language nanny has no idea of context im telling you right now that all words depicting your sexuality should not be in that list. And of course there are few regular things like "piss off" that i use a lot in context of actually...
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    In Morocco

    Looks really nice man :D enjoy your vacation
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    Todays View

    I would definitely order a custom made desk for my pc from him :D With all the fancy stuff for cable management and space for a triple monitor setup!
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    Todays View

    well atleast woodworking has no danger of almost getting hit by 1.3kV and 5.6A aluminum cable... :D It did give a massive bang when it hit a pole tho... so that was cool.
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    Official result of my Job Hunt xD

    congratulations mate! Hope you do well :D
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    Todays View

    Might've cracked up just a little bit :D
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    who did he lose his v-card to? :D

    who did he lose his v-card to? :D
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    Some medieval castles

    well we could always just go for a roadtrip with ed and drive to meet everyone :D
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    Some medieval castles

    I would have to drive through Latvia anyways soo... Meet up and you drive some too? Also 14 hours nonstop is nothing. I've already done 19 hours but most of the last 2 hours i played death metal on max volume to stay awake. Could do that up to 26 hours xD
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    Some medieval castles

    25 hours for me. I wonder if i could drive around europe sometime when i have time and money
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    Some medieval castles

    well you will never find me in Finland!
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    New Server Rule

    gotta say golmund is the holy grail of jet vs. AA. Chopper vs AA it's a bit annoying since choppa is pretty much powerless there :D
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    New Server Rule

    ah. I find not using lockons way more satisfying myself. Though if i did use them... The amount of destruction i'd create would be way way worse :D And i'm a long time lockon hater so you should know i will call you out for using them! xD
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    Joining NRU

    well since you already know about the tattoo thanks to glen... A massive cock tattooed to your buttcheek.