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    You still want a drunkard in the clan?

    yeah shit has been said and i ain't too proud of all the things i've said..
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    You still want a drunkard in the clan?

    I can very much see why. As i had major issues with alcohol abuse and big time stress due to some personal matters. I sadly took it out on my family and fellers i play with. And for that i'd like to apologize. What comes to farming I won't do it as i finally reached 140, but i will not start...
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    You still want a drunkard in the clan?

    Since i left originally because of the kd limiter and it has been removed some time ago, what would you fellers feel like about taking me back? <3
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    Fresh Bärlauch Butter

    if ya want the best damn butter you can make, just add some chives and parsley on it. Perfect on a steak or on the potatoes straight out of oven :D
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    corona panic

    quarantine? what quarantine? I haven't left home for weeks!?
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    corona panic

    heh. funny looking at people going full panic mode. meanwhile im here middle of nowhere enjoying life without a worry.
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    special sunday on our server

    you guys gonna try again today? :D Just make the one allowed main weapon to be phantom bow. That does the trick
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    corona panic

    Same goes for finland. no one seems to be actually worried.
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    The language nanny

    Way too strict fellas. way too fucking strict. First of all. Since language nanny has no idea of context im telling you right now that all words depicting your sexuality should not be in that list. And of course there are few regular things like "piss off" that i use a lot in context of actually...
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    In Morocco

    Looks really nice man :D enjoy your vacation
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    Todays View

    I would definitely order a custom made desk for my pc from him :D With all the fancy stuff for cable management and space for a triple monitor setup!
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    Todays View

    well atleast woodworking has no danger of almost getting hit by 1.3kV and 5.6A aluminum cable... :D It did give a massive bang when it hit a pole tho... so that was cool.
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    Official result of my Job Hunt xD

    congratulations mate! Hope you do well :D
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    Todays View

    Might've cracked up just a little bit :D