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    Priorities in life

    I think most of us dont have a problem with this bullet points - work such as doing something for money or tidying the house needs much more power ;)
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    Next model

    Cool might be a very realistic modell since the original tank also stood more than moving, because of bad motorization and lack of fuel.
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    Next model

    How about a B17 or a Lancaster ;)
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    special sunday on our server

    I enjoyed the zavod round very much so if you have no other ideas we can repeat this :) reminded me of the golden bf2 times i kicked 2 players for not obeying the rule i didnt read the thread here but im not sure whether the script worked very well.
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    YouTubes Best

    This is not odd but very satisfying to watch:
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    YouTubes Best

    Because he knows what he does :) I disassembled a lot of stuff in my childhood and once plugged an electric device back in a wall and grabbed a live wire - that was a lesson for my whole life ^^
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    COOL that might make me consider buying the game PS: with that heading i thought you wanna give us a lesson in x86_64 assembler programming :)
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    Vegetarian pie.

    Therefore bavarians dont know how to do Currywurst... or lets say its not the same
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    Vegetarian pie.

    short answer is no ^^ it may not be toxic and its not plastic but i doubt it is as easy to bite than in case of a bratwurst
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    Vegetarian pie.

    But then you still miss 3 things :) Weissbier Brezeln and the right technique :) I do it like the first version (if it doesnt work flawlessly try the other side) but the last is how you do it in munich called zuzeln - those ugly bastards ;)
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    Project "SON" :)

    I think you cant pay the shipment for an amount that would be illegal ^^
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    Only five words part 4

    and listen to the awkward
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    Funny signs

    well since i live in cologne i might have to get an eye on that to prove that its true
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    i really hope this works out :) baking gpus sounds a bit sketchy to me - but what can you lose but solder on the tin foil ;)
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    is there any other game where random people feel so insulted from tbags :)