You may find me cold, you may find me strict, but I am only here to help you.

Some tips I made that can help you :

- Noobs R Us, Charter of Respect : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/noobs-r-us-charter-of-respect-2020.3664/

- All maps tips, Battlefield 4 Wiki : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/battlefield-4-wiki-all-maps-tips.3634/

- Battlefield 4 server command list (only for NRU admins) : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/battlefield-4-server-command-list.3608/

- Battlefield 4 public command list : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/battlefield-4-public-command-list.3644/

- Commander skills and tips : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/some-tips-for-commander-skills-and-more.3596/

- Phantom Bow Program : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/phantom-bow-program-special-event.3609/#post-50499

- DICE LA thermal camo (will be updated and corrected some day) : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/dice-la-camo.3605/

- Platoon emblem issues : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/problem-with-emblem-between-battlelog-and-companion-solved.3617/#post-50656

- Battlefield's wallpaper : https://noobsrus.co.uk/threads/battlefields-wallpaper.3623/#post-50725
18 Apr 2000 (Age: 20)
Cruise missiles sender


" The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people."
Napoléon Bonaparte



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