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    Apex Legends

    same here. not even enough time to play battlfield also about the last youtube videos i watched about apex, honestly it looks not vry interesting for me. this battle royale mode is not what i am looking for.
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    LEGO 2

    you shall ask the workers if you could help them with you crane....and then drive this thing in position. the look must be priceless lol
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    Todays View

    me too. was prepared for some camel toes....and than that /\/\
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    Special Sunday

    this sunday we could run a second assault map day?!? so playing this maps in different modes could be a lot of fun.
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    Funny signs

    i would say, they could work both in the same way... 🥕🥒🌯🍢🍡🌡💊✏
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    Todays View

    thats one of the points for me too lol
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    Todays View

    look in your insurance policies. mostly you also have a "hotel clause" there where you can sleep in a hotel when you home is not in the condition to sleep there. ;)
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    Todays View

    hope you have a house insurance what is paying the costs for that??
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    Disconnection On Our Server

    yes, was a wrong setup. should work now.
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    Todays View

    omg :X3::(:eek::oops:
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    Server Settings On T-bag Club No.1 ( Everyone Can Vote )

    you are sure you was on server No1 ??? because no2 has sometimes more delay till the commands working. also move is only working on both server when the autoadmin is ok with that move.
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    Special Sunday

    same here. back to 60hz :D
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    Special Sunday

    looool i am curious what mine is making later lol
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    Special Sunday

    today 120hz day. :D lol
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    I was banned for aimbot

    no problem. we are all coming from different countries and also having a bad english :D :D