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    yes, its green. :D

    yes, its green. :D
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    Project: ‘WTF is that’

    only in german but worth to use a translator :D;art10399,9686033
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    Event 41

    never had any event 41. did i miss something? :unsure: o_O
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    Project: ‘WTF is that’

    lol let us say its can put thing into....bigger things...and not heavy ones...big papers maybe. :unsure: (y)
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    Project "SON" :)

    this is than more "project dads beer" lol
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    ok, saw it in the thread.
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    is this in the text above?? however, let us see what they messing up. donĀ“t trust them at all anymore lol
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    mhhh...sadly it sounds like the last start of bf1 RSP...or even worst...sounds like only the server manager can admin the server. same as start in bf1. so if the owner not online = no admin. "moderators" will be added later lol nice. lol mainpoint, what means private games?? it is really...
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    Project Kitchen

    you will going to be a real woodpecker :D
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    Wife :)

    this is the original.
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    Florida Man

    lol just WTF never heard about florid man before
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    Best after work "childhood" food

    ehhh...ok. o_O
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    Vegetarian pie.

    nice. be curious how you like it.
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    Todays View

    yes, she must be dumb too. you know the saying...dumbs are fucking good :D :D there she goes lol
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    Best after work "childhood" food

    lol really?? not here. the bun/roll is traditional for breakfast and never got broken with the fingers lol furthermore we have even own knifes for this.