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  • In two weeks we will be going on a train to get cheese and many more things (OK mainly beer). :)
    “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” Arnold H. Glasow(1905-1998)
    “No, I don’t want courses, or separate food on my plate. Just throw everything into a heavy pan and fry that motherf***ker together.”
    Beer in fridge, Vodka in freezer, Gin for emergencies, Wine is sort of desperate, Port if really desperate. Budweiser - nothing is that bad.
    WPA2 hacked: Linux: Patch available, Win: Update available, Apple: already patched, Android: LOL, buy a new phone
    Screens are easy to replace. Less costly than new phone or shop doing it. I’ve never broken a screen though. :)
    We must have some attribute only visible to Belgians! Never been stared at so much! Either that or we have Adonis/Venus like good looks!
    At immigration in Budapest today: Customs: Name? Me: Vladimir Putin Customs: Occupation? Me: No it's local uprising & Russia isn't involved
    Police are hunting the 'knitting needle nutter' who has stabbed 6 people. They believe he could be following some kind of pattern. :D
    Customer: Can I have a Kinder egg please? Shop: Sorry they are banned here in the USA. Customer: Oh! OK, I'll have an assault rifle please.
    Lol. Light cluster is very easy to remove getting the frigging bulb out is something else.
    1997: your lightbulb emits more heat than light 2017: your lightbulb is a futuristic color LED currently DDoSing GitHub on behalf of the PRC
    No sun in Scotland either. Looks like those other European countries are hogging it all.
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