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  • "Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories."
    Ray Bradbury
    Always take time to help someone. You may never know that you are the only one that can help.
    I did respond to this - with a server restart when this \/ \/ was posted just in case anyone thinks I missed it
    Hi Glen,

    Looks as though the server is down.

    Can you restart it?
    Yes, it was. Was just about to join and it disappeared. Restarted and seems OK now.
    That was the best one! Some of the others would give you even worse nightmares. OMG wouldn’t be close!!!
    I am not ashamed of it. No really I am not. Don’t mind me, chewing on mains cable is normal.
    Saw this and it is so true: Programming is like writing a book...
    Except when you miss a single comma on page 126 the whole thing makes no sense.
    It is berry season so bird crap is colourful - and so is the car now. I hope they can see me having scrambled eggs!
    In 1994, a Tel Aviv a campaign was aimed at the city's bad drivers. The slogan? "Research proves aggressive drivers have small penises."
    Booooom...small penis was explode...change nothing ...only that penis was smaller like before
    In your youth you have the energy to make lousy decisions you regret on a Boozy Friday night. When you get old you wish you had the energy!
    "I've always wanted to try something new." "Do it." "What if I screw up?" "You'd make a new, screwed up thing no one ever has before!"
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