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    Server Settings On T-bag Club No.1 ( Everyone Can Vote )

    I don´t play as often as I used to (mainly due to persisting finger problems) but having more maps in rotation (especially the lesser used) would be fun and may attract more players.
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    corona panic

    Reasons to to be optimistic: Coronavirus: nine reasons to be reassured Reasons to be pessimistic, e.g: government mismanagement (e.g. anti-science ”smoking doesn’t kill” Pence as US coronavirus czar, cover-up by totalitarian regimes). And behaviour of the general public...
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    Todays View

    The missus adores these creatures, should I put this on my bedside table?
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    Todays View

    From the walk with our dog half an hour ago, no llama but three of these:
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    Todays View

    A forest nearby, roughly 8 square km big, has some 6-7 moose and they are quite at ease with people strolling by - unless one gets to close of course. We frequently go there for a a walk and see at least one of them every now and then :)
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    2019 has indeed been a mixed bag both in the small and big world. Polarization in many places instead of dialogue, anti-science on the rise and it’s hard to understand that in 2019 there’s still a lot of racism, misogyny and bigotry etc. But the of course a lot of good progress in other areas...
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    special sunday on our server

    Sorry about an ignorant question but do we have "special Sunday" on all Sundays? Eager to improve other players k/d soon ;)
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    BF2 login problem - help needed

    Can’t login there, probably because I had another email address when BF2 was launched; current login doesn’t work anyway :cry:. Sent a query to the BF2HUB team so we’ll see how that goes... BFBC2 isn’t too shabby either :)
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    BF2 login problem - help needed

    I have dl the client and will try that option - thanks (y):)
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    BF2 login problem - help needed

    Thanks but didn't work...;)
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    BF2 login problem - help needed

    Reinstalled BF2 from disc and all went fine including patching but at login to my account I just get a default player ie vanilla weapons etc. Anyone have a solution? Tried to google on the topic to no avail...:cry: Thanks.
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    Next model

    I remember doing the B47 was fun and equally fun the Avro Lancaster; never got close to doing as good a paint job as you though...;)
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    Todays View

    Excellent work Glen! It brings back memories of BF1942 :):cry:
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    Priorities in life

    Agreed. And this:
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    :oops:(y)you’re a human swiss knife - good work!