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    Question To Our Scandinavian Folk...

    we cant do elk antlers in Denmark, we do have Deer antlers though XD
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    Bf V Reveal

    ya i didnt get a Lucky invite X_X definitely not jealous XD
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    New Challenges On Our Server

    darn, no melee whipeout challenge ? XD
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    Bf V Reveal

    kewl ill be looking forward to charging the field with you Again mate XD its gonna be kewl XD
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    Vote: Will You Buy Bf V ?

    dayum were missing an option that says "will i buy it? wtf? i already preordered the bugger" XD im looking forward to that game, it seems teamplay will be more important than ever since, you wont have ammo restore and you spawn with NeXT to no ammo in hand (like back in bf1942 when you spawned...
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    This Years Holidays?

    well i just got back from two weeks vacation :-) NeXT time im off itll be the first 10 days or so of august, as i will have my hands full with helping out with prepping my sisters wedding :-)
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    Welcome Messages For The Server

    alright here ya go mate this be the language of tha vikings xD Velkommen til vores server, vær venlig og imødekommende, og husk at have det sjovt. :-) there ya go XD
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    Llama Product Spectrum

    dayum mate you should demand royalties from that producer XD
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    "quest To Join The Nru" Application

    ya nothing to fault on that English coco XD
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    well nvm servers are back up now :-3 must have been a dropout on my end XD

    well nvm servers are back up now :-3 must have been a dropout on my end XD
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    Anyone else having problems with origin right now?

    Anyone else having problems with origin right now?
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    Server Connection Issues.

    ild be game with that XD
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    lol a wankette that needs no introduction XD welcome back Ultra! XD
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    A Small Bf Poem...

    well i for one love Battlefield 1 but if your referring to the Battlefront Franchise then i get ya XD the Buy moar loot boxes system they came up with for start (before they fixxed it) was pretty fucked up XD
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    [BF4] Rastifar007

    damn it not this Again XD seriously :-P XD