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  • So it's all pointless.. he won't change, it will not make him learn a lesson what so ever, he doesn't give a Laka (LOL) about anything...
    Some A-hole citizen at work called me a "Russian piece of shit". Filed a police complaint for racism... appears he's been in jail twice
    Reminds me of the other version, polands border officer stops german car: Name? -Hans, Occupation? -No, just passing by - *jawdrop* XD
    BTW my bf problem got fixed by itself, just like that suddenly it did. i hate it when it's fixed and you don't know how.
    Yesterday played, GG no problem, today try to play, stuck at "logging in", tried a repair, a reset, nothing works. WTF?!
    Do you still have the same problem?
    if yes here's what you can try:
    1. Uninstall Origin completely from Windows Control Panel.
    2. Reboot your PC. This is important to clear out any lingering registry files or directories.
    3. Download the latest here:
    4. Install Origin You should not be prompted to update.
    If all this fails to fix it then try this...

    C:\Users\your PC Name\Documents\Battlefield 4

    BF4 folder in my documents holds game configs and screen shots even if BF4 is installed on different drive. When you uninstall BF4 it does NOT remove this folder. So when you install the game again you can still have the same issues. Even if its not a new install it is still worth trying as the game cfg could be mucked up.
    1- Go to my Documents and remove BF4 folder place it on your Desktop for now.
    2- Be warned you do have to set up your in game settings again.
    3-Repair BF4
    4- When done go test your game. If it fails reboot your PC and run repair game again and test BF4.and at last if nothing above helps update DirectX, reinstall MIcrosoft C++ and update .Net Framework
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